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Xcell Communications. Metro by T-Mobile Authorized Dealer.

Xcell Communications strives to be the best at what they do. We believe that any dream can be achieved if you have the well and determination to follow it. We have more than 100 stores in 10 states across the country.


Find great plans for phones, connected devices and promotions that can't be beat.

Plus, features like Amazon Prime, Google One and more- all at a price you'll love

Our Services


​​​10 GB High Speed.

On the T-Mobile Network.

Music unlimited included.

Stream 40+ music apps without using up your data.

Hotsop not included.


Unlimited high speed.

On the T-Mobile network.

Hotspot 5 GB.

Google 1 100 GB.


Unlimited high speed.

On the T-Mobile network.

Hotspot 15 GB.

Google 1 100 GB.

Amazon Prime.

Alcatel Joy Tab.

Enjoy entertainment your way, starting at just $15 a month.

Metro SMART Hotspot.

Get high-speed wi-fi on the go with 10 GB of LTE data for $35 a month. 

Timex, Pet tracker and Metro Smart Ride.

Find safety and peace of mind for only $10 a month.


America's Largest 5G Network

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